Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rolling thunder

I carried my camera out to the garden this morning expecting to find things just as I had left them. Sadly, the storm that moved through last night left my roses looking like this:

While the weather has improved substantially since last night, the bright blue skies and warm sun still have not made an appearance this morning. I contemplated not taking photos at all, until I spied this beautifully bright bloom hiding behind a more faded and wind whipped, older version of itself.

Without the sun, it's difficult to make out the dew gathered in the folds and along the edges of the petals. My disappointment was short lived, as I realized that-once I dead head, I have several weeks of these gorgeous coral roses to look forward to.  Now, I won't go through the poetry of comparing gardening to life in general. I'll let you do that yourself.

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