Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tick tock

My boys returned to school today. Summer went so fast, I feel like I didn't even have time to organize the things that I wanted to do-let alone have time to do them.  The quiet house had me in a bit of a funk this morning, until I walked outside and saw this:

Summer can't be over yet- the tomatoes are just starting to ripen! This is the largest tomato I have ever grown. Some people may not be impressed by this, but for me-having spent 20+ hopeful years attempting to grown tomatoes in Seattle- this beefstake is nothing short of miraculous. This tomato isn't alone either-far from it. My pear and cherry tomatoes are fruiting out like crazy!

Big, ripe tomatoes always remind me of a sandwich that a spanish friend of my in Barcelona made for me. He sliced the tomato in half and rubbed each side of the crusty, country style bread with just enough tomato goodness, drizzled on a good olive oil and salted it lightly with sea salt (similar to this). I know what I'm having for lunch today!

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